How to Set Up a Wallet

In order to receive your first Crypto payout, you must connect a wallet to your CryptoBull account. This wallet must be created via a third-party service. We recommend using Coinomi and explain how setting up a Coinomi wallet works. Coinomi is a popular multi-chain wallet with millions of active users and very high security standards. … Read more

Why You Need a Crypto Wallet

For every survey you finish, you will receive a reward which quickly accumulates in your account balance. Soon you become eligible for your first crypto transfer. In order to receive your crypto, you must set up a wallet. This allows you to interact with the blockchain and digitally “store” cryptocurrencies, since there are no physical … Read more

Choosing the best surveys

After finishing the first steps in the app, there is a list of possible surveys for you to take. Choosing the right survey can help you be more efficient, earn more crypto and save you unnecessary frustration from unreliable surveys. You should pay special attention to the following criteria: Star rating: Our star rating indicats … Read more

How to Avoid Disqualifications

Being eliminated or disqualified in the middle of a survey can be frustrating, especially for longer surveys. This article is designed to help you successfully complete surveys and guarantee your reward. While demographic dropouts are not something you have much control over, we will explain how to avoid other forms of disqualification and successfully complete … Read more