How to Set Up a Wallet

In order to receive your first Crypto payout, you must connect a wallet to your CryptoBull account. This wallet must be created via a third-party service. We recommend using Coinomi and explain how setting up a Coinomi wallet works.

Coinomi is a popular multi-chain wallet with millions of active users and very high security standards. This is how you set up your first wallet:

  • After installing Coinomi on your phone, open the app and choose “Fast wallet creation”.
  • Choose all coins you would like to create your wallet for (e.g. Bitcoin), then tap the + at the bottom.
  • Now your wallet is already set up!
  • Back up your wallet by clicking the bar the top and following the steps to secure your account. Remember not to show your recovery phrase to anyone else, yet keeping it in a safe place you can find it.
  • Once your wallet is backed up and secured, you can start using it!
  • To make your crypto withdrawal, provide your wallet ID and you will be able to convert your rewards into crypto!

We also recommend this video to help you set up your wallet.