The Ultimate Guide to CryptoBull

Below you find our complete guide to the CryptoBull app. Take paid surveys to gain rewards and easily transfer them to cryptocurrencies. Receiving crypto has never happened faster than with this simple app!

Part One

Download CryptoBull

CryptoBull is currently available on Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and you may also use it via the web application.

Signing up

The account creation process is very simple and fast: You can use an account that already exists to sign up. Choose between Apple Login, a Facebook account, a Google account, or your Twitter login. Either of these can be used to transfer your personal information to your new CryptoBull account.

You can also start by entering an invite code from one of your friends which will benefit you both with extra rewards or signup bonuses.

Part Two

First steps in the app

In the beginning, we will ask for some personal information to create your account. The first questions you see are our qualification questions. We aim to offer you the best possible surveys, so we need some of this information about you to help us with providing you relevant surveys that you will have an easier time finishing.

You can always fill out more qualification questions later to receive more surveys and help us learn about your preferences. It is important to answer these truthfully because some questions will appear twice or will be shown at the beginning of a survey. If you answer inconsistently, you will be disqualified from a survey!

Taking surveys

After getting set up, you are ready to take your first surveys! Here are a few tips on how our surveys work and which ones to choose:

Part Three

Invite your friends

Every user has a unique invite code that you can use to invite your friends to the app. After you share your code with a friend, they download the app and sign up using your invite code. Now, your friend receives a €0.23 starting bonus and you will get 15% of their survey rewards as a bonus for lifetime!

Receive payout

Set up a wallet

For every survey you finish, you will receive a small reward which quickly accumulates in your payout balance. Once you have completed multiple surveys, you become eligible for your first payout.

In order to receive your crypto, you must set up a wallet. This allows you to interact with the blockchain and digitally “store” cryptocurrencies, since there are no physical coins. There are different methods available, depending on your required security and liquidity.

1. Keeping Crypto on the exchange / Hosted wallets

» If you have ever purchased crypto through an exchange like Coinbase, this system automatically created a wallet for you where your coins are stored.

» Keeping them in the exchange is a very simple method, but also a target for hackers.

2. Using a hardware wallet

» Hardware wallets are physical devices that enable you to interact with your coins directly. The wallet (e.g. the Ledger nano S) will be plugged into your computer via USB where you can set up your wallet and different security PINs and codes. Via an app on your computer you can use your wallet easily.

» Hardware wallets are the most secure option to store crypto.

3. Using a soft wallet

As opposed to hardware wallets, soft wallets do not rely on a physical device but a software.

A: Most coins offer a desktop wallet, which means you simply need to download a software in order to access you wallet.

B: Online wallets work via a website you visit and enter your private key to access your wallet.

C: Mobile wallets are accessed via an app on your phone.

All types of soft wallets are endangered when your computer is hacked, you become the victim of viruses, malware or phishing or lose your mobile device.

4. Using a cold wallet

» A cold wallet means you print out your personal key, for example for your online wallet, and store this physical piece of paper in a secure location.

» To be stolen, someone would need physical access to your key so if it is stored securely, your funds will be safe.

After all, security should be your main focus when setting up and storing a wallet. Think about which option is the safest and best to handle for you personally to protect your coins!

Part Four

Transfer rewards to crypto

Once your wallet is activated, you can start transferring the rewards you earned through surveys to a cryptocurrency of your choice.

Part Five

Receiving a Screenout

Every survey has a number of qualifications they look for in a participant. Sometimes, these are very specific, others offer a wider spectrum of users to successfully complete the survey. A few questions at the beginning of a survey usually determine whether you fit this qualification. If not, you will be screened out right at the beginning.

We aim to only show you surveys you will qualify for, but sometimes we cannot include every qualification question. Thus, please answer honestly every time, choose 5-star rated surveys, and do not get frustrated if you are screened out. It is not your fault and the next survey will be a better fit!

Getting disqualified

A disqualification happens, if a user responds incongruently to a question that we or a survey provider ask you. For example, you will state your birthday when signing up to the app, so our system knows how old you are at any point. If at the beginning of a survey you answer with a different age, you will receive a disqualification.

Thus, it is incredibly important to always answer truthfully so this does not happen.

Have fun using CryptoBull!

If you have any questions regarding the app, have a look at our FAQs or contact our support.