Choosing the best surveys

After finishing the first steps in the app, there is a list of possible surveys for you to take. Choosing the right survey can help you be more efficient, earn more crypto and save you unnecessary frustration from unreliable surveys.

You should pay special attention to the following criteria:

  • Star rating: Our star rating indicats a survey´s reliability and easiness to finish. Thus, 5-star surveys should always be your first choice.
  • Compensation: Of course it is most attractive to complete a survey offering high compensation, but such surveys usually take a bit longer and the conditions are stricter. Accumulating lower-paid surveys might be more effective.
  • Duration: The longer a survey takes, the more it is usually worth. However, it is also harder to qualify for long surveys. Starting with 10-15 minutes per survey is a good range.

Our tip: The star rating is your most important indicator when choosing a survey. Short surveys with high ratings have the best chance of success!